Tuesday, May 21, 2019
Professional Bio

Subodh Shakya has a long track record of hands on technical leadership delivering massively scalable, high visibility products. His experience includes large scale, complex and distributed systems, search engine optimization, content filtering, data mining & extraction, ranking algorithms, metadata & user intent analysis, artificial-intelligence, DirectX and multimedia codec programming.

In 2005 Subodh architected the Yahoo Audio & Video Search backend and holds multiple patents on Imaging, Audio, Video and Search Engine related technologies as part of his role in developing the then world’s largest audio video processing grid involving a fully automated fail-fast grid cluster of more than 2000 nodes processing Terabytes of transcoding data and millions of multimedia objects every day.

Subodh’s diverse experience includes engineering leadership of several high profile endeavors, including strategic planning, direction and execution of AdInterax, Yahoo’s rich media advertising Platform that generates about $65 million annually and the Video & Display Ad Monetization teams at Yahoo! that generate billion plus in revenues.

Subodh Shakya published his first book in 2000 on Advanced Data Mining Techniques (ISBN: B00005UJXF, Wrox Publications) and has been writing online ever since.

Subodh did his Bachelor's from NITK Surathkal in Electrical and Electronics Engineering.

About me ...

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I love building my own machines, run my own water cooled data center, run my own mail and web servers and I spend as much time gardening and enjoying nature outdoors as I spend in front of computers. 


Hi there.

I'm Subodh. I'm an engineer, a father, an enthusiast, an environmentalist, a software developer, a tech evangelist and an Engineering manager at Yahoo!

I'm also almost an artist, almost a musician,almost a decent photographer, almost a pilot , almost a foos player and almost a human being

 I (sort of) live life on "the edge" and carry a lot of passion with me every day. I would like to think I have matured over the years and grown wiser although I must say, I know very little about life (being so young and all).

 I'm a lifelong learner and there's never been a dearth of things, people or fancies that can interest me. Its not just the  programming languages; nay, it doesn't even have to be technology related. I love technology but that's not the only thing in my life.



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2004 - 2008;Back-end for Yahoo Video Search (Sorbet)
Published 2008. DNN Blog team heeds 2010.
Even Microsoft didn't know such a thing is possible. Published Sept 2008
People often wonder how did I do that. That doesn't make me a good player though :)
There's a beer for everyone.
Rollers coasters are passe. Want to try a full stall?
Life! What d'ya know about it!

"I once wrote something and a lot of 'em Yahoos told me it took over a whole datacenter and was crawling into people's homes. They named it something big I guess. And then another time, it ate up a whole bunch of job descriptions including mine coz it amassed so much of intelligence on its own it didn't need any humans no more. Dumb programs."


I''m under a constant vigil.
A constant pressure to perform better.


A yearn to succeed.
A new milestone everytime I inch closer to one.
She keeps coaxing me to paint my own sky everytime a storm messes up the colours of my painting.
I stumble, I fall at such times but still lunge forward to catch that innocence with which that angel smiles at me.
The angel is like a child when I need reassurance, she is a rock when I need a support.
If I achieve, its her pride that swells, if I fail, she is always there to run back to.
I don't have to perform.
I do not even have to be nice.
She is there,
irrespective of,
regardless of
what I do, or could not do.
Her heart is my home where I can run away from this world and forget about everything.
And just because she has taken away all my fear,
I am capable of inflicting.
I am capable of achieving.
I am capable of changing this world.
I am capable of doing anything and nothing is impossible anymore.
I am capable of helping out.
I am capable of recklessness as well.

Beware, for I am alive ... and kicking! 

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