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Posted By Subodh on Tuesday, June 01, 2010
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Free Dotnetnuke Template for Visual Studio 2010

As a follow up to my presentation on Dotnetnuke module development at BayDug last month, everyone’s suggestion was to put up the template on codeplex or snowcovered. So here it is.

The C# DNN Module Development template for Visual Studio 2010 is now available for use by everyone and here’s how to use it!

Posted By Subodh on Friday, May 14, 2010

Baydug. An experimental perspective on DNN Module development

DNN is a great framework that gives you a very capable base application right out of the box and a jumpstart with the free modules from the day you install it.

That is only half the story. DNN Module development is so easy one can go from “a DNN user” to a “DNN developer” in less than a few minutes. Want to know how ? Meet me at the next Baydug conference.

Posted By Subodh on Saturday, March 20, 2010
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I found that password! Password Break-ins can be avoided.

I’ve had the thousandth aha moment. I found someone’s password. Again! Having seen this cockiness of “it can’t happen to me” for such a long time; Time and again proves just one of the two things – Either people believe they are invincible and do not really care or they just do not know how to generate strong random passwords that can be easily remembered.

I’d give my secret recipe for generating passwords; Passwords that can be written in full public view, will never need to be written down, can be remembered for as long as you’re alive (and mentally sound), cannot be broken by your friends or relatives and passwords that are unique to every place you need them. For the record, my Bank of the West password is “Amazing Amazing West of 2005!” Go figure!


Posted By Subodh on Monday, October 19, 2009
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A proof of how quickly time flies asserts itself around this time of the year when it is time to renew the SSL certificate used for SMTP, POP and IMAP services on Exchange Server 2007. It is surprising however that the documentation on how to do so is still scarce and hard to come by, nearly 3 years since I embarked on the original installation. What is more intriguing however -- I end up doing the same mistakes every year. This time, I’m going to outline the  whole process.

Here’s how to use GoDaddy’s SSL certificates with Exchange Server 2007 and ISA Server 2006.

Posted By Subodh on Friday, January 02, 2009
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Let’s start the new year with some good deeds. For self. And, while I am at it, let me also explain why. Be mindful, my intent is solely driven by the goal of keeping my credit score (being new to the US and all) in check so I won’t be doing something out of angst. Okay, maybe I did intend to get rid of lenders who acted un-cool with me. But wasn’t I looking for an excuse anyway? Awesome!


Posted By Subodh on Wednesday, December 03, 2008
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Can you drink? Sure you can. But being in dark about how much alcohol exactly is there in your system before you hit the wheels doesn’t have to be a guessing game. Take a scientific approach. Measure it. Use a breathalyzer. You may think you’re not drunk but a breathalyzer can certainly decide otherwise. A BAC above 0.07% can severely strain at the shards of your otherwise normal life. You may be able to escape 99% of the times but that 1% of the chance is not worth it; not at least in this economy when a mere $25 could have saved you all the trouble and expenses.

Image Credit: l3ty ~DeviantArt


Posted By Subodh on Sunday, September 14, 2008
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Ever seen those "check your credit report for free" advertisements? Know that you shouldn't actually click on them? Or for that matter never ever authorize your bank to watch your credit score for you? If you are one of those unfortunate few


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