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Posted By Subodh on Saturday, March 15, 2008
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The results are in. The verdict from PG&E says my Electricity bill dropped by $274.39. Phew! if only I knew about this awhile back. Hopefully, this information would be useful to somebody else.


Just to give you an idea of how crazy I feel at the moment to divulge the details of my successful mission to lower energy usage in my home.



Of course, my Balance payment charges with PG&E increased but I assume, with my newly acquired knowledge, I would soon be able to bring that amount down as well.


For starters, PG&E provides some really good tools for calculating Energy Usage savings at their website. In my case, it didn't help but you may give them a try here.


In this post, I shall just focus on tabulating the data for each appliance that I found to be making a significant dent in my electric usage. In my future posts, I shall go about explaining how I/we went about reducing the energy consumption without actually giving up on normal conveniences of life.




To the casual reader -- yes, I know there are plenty of articles around the web talking about Going green but frankly, what I am looking for is a cure for what already exists in my home, something that can reduce my energy usage and make my home green without giving up on any of the simple luxuries of life. Many suggested remedies are either too costly to implement whether money-wise or time-wise or, have a very small ROI/in a long time-span. Some of these idea I came across:
The Home energy Saver
Yahoo! Six ways to save energy in your home
Yahoo! Green


Top 20 Energy consuming appliances in your Home


Cost in cents per hour*
Energy Star
Clothes Dryer 1 30-69 No
Dishwasher High Heat 2 65 Yes
Dishwasher Normal 3 22 Yes
Dishwasher Eco (Energy Star) 4 19 Yes
Washing Machine 5 15-20 Yes
Electric Range, small burner 6 14-20 No
Electric Range, large burner 7 22-46 No
Media Center PC (depends) 8 16-40 Yes
Normal PC (depends) 9 6 - 30 Yes
Home Theater Receiver (Denon) 10 6 Yes
Home Theater Amplifier (Bose) 11 8 Yes
Plasma TV 12 16 Yes
All the CFL + fluorescent lights in a 3 bed, 2 BA home. 13 7 Yes
Vacuum Cleaner (Hoover Wind tunnel) 14 22 No
23" LCD Monitor (HP) 15 6-16 Yes
Refrigerator 16 2-6 No
Microwave (LG, 1200 W) 17 22-30 Yes
Carpet Cleaner (Hoover SteamVAC) 18 44 No
1200 VA Uninterrupted Power Supply 19 2-6 No
Laptop (Sony Vaio) 20 2-12 Yes



* The cost in cents per hour is as indicated by the Blue Line Innovations PowerCost Monitor at the lowest metering slab. This cost could potentially be four times towards the end of the month depending on the usage thus far.
+ The rank is based off the usage pattern of the appliance, not necessarily on the basis of cost alone.

In my next post, I'll go in details about the mechanics of  actually working to reduce the energy consumption without giving up the luxuries of life ...



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  • Gravatar
    Matt Monday, March 17, 2008 at 10:46 PM
    Re: Top 20 energy consuming appliances in your home
    Dude you are saying all those CFLs are of no use? or are you saying incandescent bulbs are insignificant I don't see light bulbs listed in your article anywhere?

  • Gravatar
    Subodh Wednesday, August 13, 2008 at 2:25 AM
    Re: Top 20 energy consuming appliances in your home
    Actually, I dont have any bulbs other than CFLs so dont know. I would presume the bulbs consume pretty close to what they say on their wattage labels!

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