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Posted By Subodh on Sunday, August 10, 2008

Alright, so I clicked on a link I shouldn't have. But... it was from digg!! Okay, a lame excuse.
I always doubted that the so called Advanced McAfee Total Protection antivirus running on my laptop was doing anything other than slowing down my laptop and causing unnecessary "no can't do" nonsense.
Well, I got a proof the other day. Thankfully, Microsoft Windows Defender did throw up a dialog box stating my IE settings have changed and even though it did nothing else to either prevent the spyware from executing/spreading/infecting; at least I was forewarned. A list of antivirus, anti spam, anti spyware that failed me big! Also, the ones that finally worked for me!

What didn't work Gripe
Total Protection Service – AdvancedMcAfee Total Protection Service – Advanced
  1. Didn't even detect anything until the virus started spreading.
  2. Even after the detection finally happened, the antivirus did not seem to be able to contain it.
  3. The UI is so damn slow that for me to answer  "Block all connections" for the virus that was trying to sniff others on the network was essentially of no use.
  4. Even after a full scan of the system (which took about 8 hours), McAfee didn't find anything wrong other than outbound connections and a few files (which it said it deleted but still remained).
  5. If I have to pskill and delete the offending files myself what is this program for?
Symantec Antivirus Corporate Edition
  1. Okay, I installed it after I got infected. But ... the damn thing wants me to disable UAC before it would install. My only remaining line of defense and this thing wants to turn it off? WTF
  2. Mapped the drive from another machine and scanned (without installing on the infected machine). Still, no detections.
image Windows Defender Except for warning me that my IE settings have been changed by another program, this thing did nothing either. What a bummer. Well, at least it did warn me!


Well, with more than a day's worth of time lost, what worked for me :


Lavasoft's Ad Aware Free 



  And AVG Free Antivirus.

It sucks that I bought 6 licenses of McAfee Total protection Advanced and it is of no use. Oh, and their hosted mail gateway sucks big time too.

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