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Posted By Subodh on Friday, May 14, 2010

Baydug. An experimental perspective on DNN Module development DNN is a great framework that gives you a very capable base application right out of the box and a jumpstart with the free modules from the day you install it.

That is only half the story. DNN Module development is so easy one can go from “a DNN user” to a “DNN developer” in less than a few minutes. Want to know how ? Meet me at the next Baydug conference.


Like any developer trying a new framework, I had quite a few reservations, questions and paranoia about the unknowns when I started with SpeedBlog development. On Tuesday, May 18th, 2010, watch me present my own perspective on DNN Module development. Experimentally speaking that is!

Here’s the agenda I have in mind. If you are attending and would like to add something, please feel free to let me know via comments.


  • A non-conformist’s confrontation with DNN
    • I do not want to code in VB. I code in C#.
    • I do not want to write a DAL layer. I want my own Business Logic.
    • I want Oracle as my backend. Can I do that?
    • My development process is different. Would DNN allow me to be flexible? Or would it shackle me to diktats of what I can and cannot do?
    • I don’t have much time. What features does DNN give me right out of the box so I can go from code to launch quickly?
  • A perspective on full Development life-cycle using Visual Studio 2010
    • Writing Basic Module code
    • Three Tier architecture within DNN Module development
    • Packaging Modules
    • Testing your code (Automated, manual)
    • Deployment scenarios
    • Preparing your module for Upgrades
    • Re-visiting Database Install Scripts
    • Fast track Debugging. Setting up test & staging environments.
  • SpeedBlog Experiments that made into features
    • Providing Search in DNN
    • Import/Export in DNN
    • Scheduling in DNN
    • Friendly URLs in DNN
    • SEO Optimization
    • What went wrong in my code?
  • Wiring up the whole thing!


Please be aware, this is NOT a presentation about SpeedBlog, this is more about the struggles, learning curve, hurdles and the elation/excitement that a developer has to go through before he/she gets comfortable with DNN module development. Want to attend? RSVP at BayDug.

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