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Posted By Innovation Mill on Friday, November 13, 2009

Troubleshooting SpeedBlog installation

Troubleshooting SpeedBlog Installation issues

From the main SpeedBlog download page, you can now download a debug checked build as well. When and how should you use it is explained in this post.


Download the checked build


Select the checkbox for debug build and use the same invite code to download the checked build from


you can use your invite code or license key to download a checked build as well.


Extract the downloaded package


Extract the downloaded package and proceed to install the PA file as you'd normally do


Extract the individual zipped files and proceed to install SpeedBlog via the DNN Module/Package installer. Copy the files from the “PDB-Files” folder to your DNN’s bin directory manually.


Copy the pdb files to DNN bin folder


What if SpeedBlog does not install on a DNN site via the Install Module interface.


Please note the minimum requirements for installation of SpeedBlog

1. SQL Server 2000 or more; SQL Server Express editions are fine.

2. .NET Framework 3.5 or higher

3. AJAX.NET version 2 or higher (The SpeedBlog package can install this).

4. DNN v5.1 or higher

5. Your portal installation must be a parent installation. In short, your URLs must look like “” or “http://localhost”.


Examples of portals where SpeedBlog will not work “http://localhost/development”.

SpeedBlog needs the /DesktopModules folder to be at the root install. We’ve heard of instances where SpeedBlog did work for some but the only supported installation mode is for root/parent portals.


How do I report errors after SpeedBlog Debug mode installation is complete?


SpeedBlog will log detailed error messages, exception and normal process information in SpeedBlog_Messages table. Just  take a sample of a few lines and send it over to us. Be aware however, that the messages table mostly contains informational messages and just because there is something logged in there, it doesn’t mean everything over there is due to an error. Do not panic! SpeedBlog makes it very easy for us to identify where the problem is. We’d also appreciate if you could send us a description of how your site environment is setup. Windows OS/SQL server version/DNN version/.NET framework version/etc is a good place to start!


Reporting errors for metaPost


You may send the errors to us or (recommended) use the support forums at


Did we miss anything else?

Send us more questions/troubles if you encountered any and we’d make sure we add it to this post. Email us

Send us an email!


or, just use the comments section below!



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